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With You in Mind 


Welcome to WYIM, affordable counselling for children (11+), young people (<18), adults and families.              

Our team of student counsellors are passionate about helping those in need, providing a safe and non-judgmental space to open up about Mental Health.                                      

Our Approach

Our team of counsellors in training work holistically to create a personalised approach to counselling. The service provides a safe and confidential space to explore thoughts and emotions through various therapeutic techniques, including play therapy, talk therapy, and art therapy. Our focus is always on encouraging personal growth and positive change. 

Our Fees

Our initial assessment fee is £35.

Counselling sessions are £30.

If it is determined that you need more specialised support, we will discuss this with you and work together to find the best help for you. 

Our Services


Child and Family Counselling

We provide a safe and supportive environment where children (11+) and families can work through their challenges together. Using evidence-based approaches we support with a variety of issues, such as behavioral problems, communication difficulties, and emotional regulation.

Adult Counselling

Talk therapy is your safe space to explore thoughts, emotions, and gain tools to overcome challenges. With open communication, active listening, and personalized goals, you'll discover patterns and build coping mechanisms for improved well-being. 



Teen Counselling 

Being a teenager can be tough, and sometimes young people need extra support to navigate these challenges. By providing a safe and confidential space we support teenagers to talk about their concerns and develop strategies to cope with stress and build resilience. 

Relationship Counselling

We offer relationship counselling to support the wider family system. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients and tailoring our approach to address their unique needs and concerns.


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